Our Commitment

Good Corporate Governance (GCG) constitutes a series of principles and rules that serve as a driving force to optimize the business performance of a company. The set of regulations in the implementation of GCG governs corporate relations among shareholders, management, investors, government, employees and other stakeholders concerning their rights and obligations.

The implementation of GCG should be relevant with the ongoing business dynamics. It is therefore necessary to integrate the managerial system, risk monitoring and internal supervision in an efficient way. This will enable a company to measure its business performance.

With the implementation of GCG, the Board of Directors believes the Management have strong guidance in running the Company to achieve notable results.

The structure of corporate governance in PT. Sanurhasta Mitra is portrayed by the Company’s Organ, which are General Meeting of Shareholders, the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Directors, as specified by PT. Sanurhasta Mitra’s articles of association and the prevailing regulations. Our Board of Commissioners has formed committees to support the implementation of its duties and responsibilities, which are Audit Committee, Risk Monitoring Committee, Nomination and Remuneration Committee, and Corporate Governance Policy Committee.