Shares Listed Chronology

Date Corporate Action Number of Listed Shares
28 April 2017 Initial Public Offering 1.312.500.000
04 July 2018 Stock Split
TOTAL 6.562.500.000



Pemegang Saham Total Saham Ditempatkan dan Disetor Penuh / Number of Shares Issued and Fully Paid Persentase Pemilikan / Percentage of Ownership Total Modal Disetor /
Total Paid-up Capital Shareholders
PT Basis Utama 45,71% PT Basis Utama Prima
Tn. Edy Suwarno 361.264.300 5,50% Tn. Edy Suwarno
Al Jap L Sing Al Jap L Sing
Masyarakat (masing-masing kepemilikan dibawah 5%) 48,79% 64.024.714.000 Public
(each owned below 5%)
Total 6.562.500.000 100,00% Total