The Company has established an Audit Committee that will assist the Board of Commissioners in monitoring the aspects of compliance with GCG principles.

The Audit Committee shall be appointed and accountable to the Board of Commissioners with the task of giving opinions to the Board of Commissioners on reports or matters submitted by the Directors to the Board of Commissioners, identifying matters that require the attention of the Board of Commissioners and performing other tasks related to the duties Board of Commissioners.

The Company makes decisions as set forth in Decree of the Board of Commisioners of the Company No. 001/KEP/DEKOM-SHM/I/2017 on the Establishment of Audit Committee, that the Board of Commissioners meeting has unanimously approved the appointment of the Chairman and the members of the Audit Committee as from the date of the Audit Committee as from the date of the decree and will endits tenure in accordance with decree of the Board of Commissioners:


Djoni Suyanto Chairman
53 tahun/53 years Age
Indonesia Citizenship
29 tahun/ 29 years Working Experience
Ricardo Suhendra Wirjawan Member
51 tahun/51 years Age
Indonesia Citizenship
27tahun/ 29 years Working Experience
Komite Audit PT Minna Padi Dual Possition
Investama Sekuritas Tbk./  
Audit Committee of Pt. Minna Padi  
Investama Sekuritas Tbk.  
Bulan Lastiar Member
28 years Age
Indonesia Citizenship
3 years Working Experience


The term of office of the Audit Committee is the same as the period of office of the Independent Commissioner, namely since 2017 and is valid for 5 years.

All Audit Committee members declare that doesn’nt have affiliation relationship with either members of the Board of Commissioners, the Directors or the shareholders of the Company.

Audit Committee conves meeting regulary at least once in 3 (three) months (here in after reffered to as the Committee Meetings). In 2017, the audit committee convened meeting four (4) times, with a 100% attendance for all audit committee members.

In 2018, audir committee assisted the Board of Commissioners in performing their duties. The Audit Committee periodicallu evaluates and monitors the Company’s financial statements on a regular basis, internal control and internal aduit implementation, Company’s financial statements on a regular basis, internal control and internal audit implementation, Company’s compliance. In addition, the Audit Committee also reviewed the independence and objectivity of the public accountant including the results of the report.